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The Morinville RCMP have begun a new helmet safety initiative.  In cooperation with the Town of Legal, Morinville RCMP are providing coupon rewards for ice cream and other treats to youth that are found wearing helmets while riding bikes, helmets, skate boards, scooters or other equipment.

According to a study completed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the United States, in 2010 70 % of bicycle fatalities involved cyclists who were not wearing helmets compared to 15% who were wearing helmets (helmet usage was unknown in 15% of the reported cases).

Throughout the summer months RCMP members will be making patrols in your community looking specifically for youth who are exhibiting good safety practices by wearing helmets. Do your part by leading by example and by making the effort to ensure that your child uses a helmet.


Dates for the Summer Playground:
Monday to Friday, July 7-18 & August 11-22, 2014.


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